Wine Consignment Agreement

Sylvie`s will only provide its services after receipt of your signature as part of the consignment contract – including these shipping conditions – which will be given to you when you hand over your wines to us. If you inherit a good bottle of wine like Margaux, you will need an excellent consignment service to legally sell your wine to the widest audience of Margaux fans. Photo credit: Augustas Didžgalvis Sylvie`s has the right to use the wines you offer for sale (partially) to cover the costs incurred. They will be auctioned to receive the required amount if the entire invoice is not deposited into Sylvie`s bank account 48 hours before the start of the auction. When Sylvie`s picks up or returns wines to you, your wines are insured during transport. The insurance value is the low estimate of your valuation or an amount agreed in writing prior to shipment. This means that you are insured against fire, breakage, theft and possible damage during door-to-door transport. As a rule, a commission rate varies between 6 and 10%. This commission varies according to the quantity of wines offered for sale, the condition of the bottle (color of the wine, filling, labels, capsule, cork properties) and market demand. If the description per bottle takes longer than average, for example because the labels are difficult to read, the commission is usually higher.

For a highly sought-after wine, the commission is usually lower. If you do not mention the tax status of the wines on time and the wines are auctioned in poor conditions, you are responsible for all tax consequences. After receiving and inspecting your wines in Antwerp, Sylvie`s will give you an evaluation of your wines in their current state. If you deliver your own wines to Sylvie without a request for prior examination, you will only receive a notice of your wines in their condition as they were presented to us, and Sylvie will give you a deadline to respond. After receiving your authorization, Sylvie`s will continue to process your wines and add them to the catalogue. If the deadline expires without a response from you, or if you bring your wines so late that no time limit can be specified, you will be deemed to have tacitly agreed to auction your wines. If you send your wine list to Sylvie, you will receive a notice. This shows the expected product of the auction, either on the basis of wines in perfect condition or on the basis of the information provided. If you ask Sylvie`s to sell your wines at auction based on this assessment, we will collect the wines by arrangement for risk-insured transport. Upon collection, we will issue you a consignment contract based on these terms and conditions, in which we undertake to prepare your wines for the auction. We clean your bottles, take pictures and describe the wines in the condition as it is for the catalog.

Consignment services such as Vinfolio offer potential collectors two options: personal evaluations and in-depth inspections at the first reception of the wine. Personal review is the best option if you`re not sure what kind of wines you have and don`t want to risk shipping the bottles to the warehouse, only to find that the wines aren`t worth selling. With this option, a wine expert visits your winery directly or communicates with you by phone or video chat. These experts will help you organize your wines and give you advice on which bottles are worth selling and which ones are best to drink yourself. Now that you`ve determined if the consignment service you`re considering is legal, you need to verify that your service understands how it evaluates the quality and authenticity of your bottles. The best wine consignment services will want to check the quality of your bottles before agreeing to sell them as their reputation is at stake. No consignment service wants to be known to sell damaged and fraudulent bottles. Look at any consignment service with healthy suspicion if they offer to take your bottles without inspecting them. This extra step also provides you with high-level buyers for your wine bottles. Reputable buyers only want to invest in flawless and authentic bottles and avoid any consignment auctions from unreliable companies.

Ben Nelson, wine auctioneer, says: “It`s really the storage conditions and the origin that are our biggest concerns, because we want to be sure we`re selling the best copy of this wine.” If you withdraw your wines after publication and/or if you have had Sylvie`s to pack, collect and process your wines and subsequently decide not to offer your wines at auction, Sylvie`s is entitled to charge you 3% of the auction value of the total “low estimate” of the bottles for the costs incurred. Sylvie`s will send you an invoice at the minimum price of € 250.00 as a processing fee. You must collect all the wines you withdraw from the auction after processing. A collection is only possible after payment of the costs incurred. These fees are charged to cover the costs of processing your wines, insurance and shipping, or any costs incurred. A marketing fee may be added if you withdraw wines after giving your consent to the auction. Sylvie`s is entitled to determine the amount of these fees. Wines that are accepted at auction but are not sold after an auction are always covered by our all-risk insurance. You can choose to auction these wines again or not. However, unless otherwise agreed, the collection of unsold wines will be requested within 3 months of the decision not to auction the wines. The shipping costs for a return shipment are the responsibility of the seller. Sylvie`s is entitled to send an invoice and return the wines immediately from a professional carrier after it has been decided to stop selling the wines at auction.

If the agreements are not respected, Sylvie`s is entitled to sell the wines to cover the storage costs or to destroy the wines. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to Sylvie`s about the ownership of the wines offered for sale, their origin, authenticity (including labels, dates and producer names on the bottles) and the general condition of the wines. Sylvie`s can request original invoices for the purchase of wines. You have the option to withdraw the wines from the auction provided that the total value of the registration retains 90% of the initial score, that the minimum value of your contribution is € 5,000.00 and that your wines have been collected, sent or delivered to our cellar masters before the deadline for submission of the wines published on this site. Pick-up is free in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (excluding islands). In all other cases, the price of the shipment depends on the value of the collection. Pick-up can be done shortly after your appointment, but ultimately depends on the schedule of our drivers, as we usually pick up the wines ourselves. This is decided by the logistics planner. If you bring wines without prior evaluation, your wines will not be insured until a low estimate has been given, unless the Borderel reveals enough information for an insurance company to respond.

I had the idea to deliver wine in January when I received an email from Hart Davis Hart saying that they were taking shipments for upcoming auctions and that the market was in a very good place to sell. I have a few nice bottles in my basement, but nothing more than a few hundred dollars that I didn`t think they would be interested…