U Haul Transload Agreement

my brother rented a Uhal to move 3 miles and made about 4 trips. they tried to calculate an additional 150 for fuel and other crap. He did not pay for it. Uhaul is a scam. Uhaul and anyone connected to the company are the highest description of rudeness. After making the first rent, you expect to be treated with the greatest disrespect that ever existed. No one has an answer to a question that is asked. They`re liars and crooks. Honestly, I don`t know how they stayed on duty as long as they did.

Uhaul “collapsed” (not recommended to continue rolling the crew on the side of the road, originally called A/C missing). It is fully tetris-ed with everything we own on a 1,100 mile journey. Can we ask them to compmovers instead with a semi-trailer? We have a car following us. What`s the best option? And U-haul has an excellent offer for all customers who rent a disposable truck. 1 month of free space! Honestly, that`s a lot. You`re the one who`s got the tone. We offer 1 month of free storage space if you come to the place where you are just going to rent from us. That`s very honest. It gives you time to find a new place and move in at your own pace. without having to pay for storage. and U-Haul knows that some of the people who have a month off will take more time and prefer to pay the higher storage costs at U-Haul rather than move to a cheaper warehouse. It`s good for you and it`s good for U-Haul.

But what if you walk 1 day on your 1 month and you don`t have the money for storage? U-Haul puts a padlock on the device and tells you you can`t get your stuff out. So you have to save money to pay for 1 month of storage, not its not pro-rated, you spend 1 day and you need 1 full month. So now while you`re trying to find this new job and live in your empty home. They`re going to keep renting you and holding your stuff hostage. And if you don`t pay soon. They`re going to sell all your stuff at auction. Agreed, keep an overview of all expenses and go through uhaul to solve it. If you pay outside the movers without uhaul agreeing, they probably won`t pay for it. Uhaul is the worst place to rent mainly here in Mobile. Go to Penski on Broad Street, they`re the best.

From time to time, I am forced to rent the small trailer of the uhual and it NEVER fails that I do with undecided delayed people who would never get a job or another. The location on 200 W I65 Service RD S, Mobile, AL 36608 is particularly loaded with idiots. Do yourself a favor and NEVER use UHAUL cuz, if you do, you will turn into a crazy person and it will not be beautiful! Although I didn`t have that kind of experience, I did a lot of movement with Uhaul trucks (and storage facilities) and it was never easy. Between dilapidated appliances (lights that don`t work on a trailer!) and dilapidated installations, the only reason this company (IMO) continues to make money because it is everywhere. For our last step, we looked at something else, because the fact is to move suck, no matter how it is done. In the end, we used doortodoor.com and their moving pods. It`s so much simpler! Costs vary and their services are not available in all cities and cities, but I will not hesitate for a second to recommend them as an alternative to Uhaul or another truck owner.