Tamara & Fernando

I arrived at the Hotel Nena in San Miguel to photograph Fernando & Tamara, a lovely couple that were originally from Chihuahua, but living in D.F.

First off, I really enjoy working at Hotel Nena. The venue’s clean lines & large spaces, while still maintaining the classic hacienda foot print right in downtown San Miguel, allow for a gorgeous backdrop. And with my photos from a previous project, Pre-Post Mortem Portraits, hanging all over the hotel, it was hard not to like the place.

So I show up with Paul, my second photographer & light technician & we immediately begin photographing the dress hanging in these cool modern rooms. Tamara comes out a few minutes later, radiating as she gets ready to get into her dress surrounded by all of her laughing bridesmaids.

From the hotel, we took a walk through the Parque Juarez, stopping by the numerous fountains & under the big shade trees to take some pictures. Fernando is all smiles as he dances & dips his bride to be while I click & click away.

After the park, we started the ceremony at the San Francisco church, which is one of the early churches built in San Miguel. With its high ceilings & sunlight streaming in, lighting up its statues & ancient walls, it’s also one of the most stunning churches in this town.

As the ceremony finishes, the Mariachis start, with their horns and guitars laying the soundtrack for the parade through downtown. Everywhere people stop to stare & take pictures & wish the bride & groom good luck. And the procession stretches on & on for several blocks as we start the walk to the Instituto Allende. Photogenically speaking, it really doesn’t get better than this: Setting sun, couple in love, tequila donkey with Mariachis, giant puppets & hundreds of guests dancing down the cobblestone streets of this colorful town! I am so blessed to be able to work here!

So thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding Fernando & Tamara! I wish you the best!

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