Ohio State University Articulation Agreement

The guidelines for institutional articulation and transmissions and the corresponding catalogues must comply with all the provisions of this directive. This directive, adopted by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, or a summary of this directive, approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, is included in the electronic and/or printed catalogues of each public institution. Institutions can provide a summary of the approved directive in a print catalogue by providing another link to the electronic catalogue in the print catalogue (for more information, see Appendix F, CATALOGUE DECLARATION). A large-scale, multi-step appeal procedure is published and implemented with each institution. When notifying a student of the results of the official assessment of the transcript of the transfer and the articulated credits, the host institution must provide the student with a written transfer statement and an articulated credit facility. At the same time, the university must inform the student of the university`s appeal procedure if it wishes to challenge the assessment. A student who does not agree with the application of the transfer and credit articulated by the receiving institution must file his complaint in writing within ninety (90) days of receipt of the transfer declaration and the applicable form of credit. The institution responds to the complaint within thirty (30) days of receiving the complaint at each level of complaint. The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network (OATN) are working closely with the OATN Oversight Board and the Advisory Council to develop an evaluation and validation system to measure policy effectiveness. The research contributes to validation and also identifies the need for political adaptation and process improvement. ODHE and OATN will develop and manage short- and long-term plans to monitor the effectiveness of transfer systems.

The plans include ongoing investigations and research to assess and validate the structure, process, results and macroeconomic effectiveness of the national and institutional articulation and transfer policy. In order to implement Ohio`s articulation and transfer policies and support improved articulation and transfer processes, the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network (OATN) have made available to citizens, public colleges and universities, school districts, career technical centers and other institutions participating in transfer programs from Ohio to Degree. These resources are designed this way: the one-year option relies on Ohio`s articulation and transfer system to help more adults accelerate their preparation for work by acquiring an associated technical degree. In accordance with the philosophy of the Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs), the one-year option guarantees the granting of a university credit for university-level learning, which takes place in professional institutions. The credit earned by the one-year option applies to ATS degrees with the following standardized degrees: Have you attended a (public) university in Ohio or a community college? If you order a transcript from your previous school, request that your transcripts be sent electronically. Sending paper scripts in the mail or for overnight delivery delays processing time. In response to the Ohio Revised Code 333.163 to adopt standards for each public university to grant credits to any registered student who has achieved a successful score for an Advanced Placement Examination (AP), a college credit is guaranteed for students who obtain an Advanced Test Score (AP) of 3 or higher. The corresponding course of this credit must be awarded and applies mainly to general education and/or the most important requirements of higher education, as recommended in the national guide for course orientation.