Wvu Articulation Agreement

Students preparing to graduate are encouraged to review the comprehensive list of available transfer agreements. Please note that the agreements available on this page are only unofficial copies. Students or advisors can contact Jackie Griggs, Academic Affairs Coordinator of the School of Professional Studies and University Transfer, for the agreements. Students who follow a transfer articulation mode with a partner institution should meet with a WVU university advisor in their major to ensure that all transfer credits are properly applied to their registrations. Under the agreement, WVU Parkersburg students who graduate with a bachelor`s degree with an average of 2.5 or more can apply for MBA admission at Marshall University`s Lewis College of Business. “We look forward to this partnership with Marshall to provide our students with the opportunity to continue their graduate training smoothly,” said Dr. Chad Crumbaker, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, WVU Parkersburg. “This agreement for the MBA program is an excellent complement to WVU Parkersburg`s four-year business degrees, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and National Programs. This agreement allows residents to obtain diplomas, bachelor`s degrees and master`s degrees without leaving the territory. The University of West Virginia in Parkersburg has signed an articulation agreement that offers its students the opportunity to obtain a Master of Business Administration at Marshall University. Blue Ridge CTC offers transfer opportunities for beginner students. Our transfer contracts offer clear pathways for students who wish to complete 4 years of study after graduation.

For more information on the agreements listed, please contact Jackie Griggs, Academic Affairs Coordinator of the School of Professional Studies and University Transfer at (304) 260-4380 ext. 2351 or jgriggs@blueridgectc.edu. The WVU proposes a series of articulation agreements that simplify the transmission process. These partnerships allow students to start their bachelor`s degree at one of the higher education institutions listed below and then complete at the WVU. Normally, a student completes an associate degree and then moves to the WVU during his junior year. Open Credit – Courses from other institutions that do not have an exact match with The WVU. These courses are usually translated to the WVU with course numbers that end in TC for the “transfer credit” (z.B HIST 1TC). Accurate equivalents — courses from other institutions that fit perfectly into the EFS. After admission to Marshall, students can enrol in program courses and participate in Lewis College of Business activities and receive advice from Marshall staff and faculties. Students are encouraged to take 27 hours of business foundation course credits that are required for the MBA program, while they are enrolled at WVU Parkersburg, which will save them considerable savings. The college will provide students with university advice and advice to ensure they enrol in courses that prepare them for an MBA degree at Marshall School.

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