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Teesta River has become an important factor in the relations between India and Bangladesh. What are the obstacles to the proper implementation of the river water sharing agreement and what are the possible consequences for India-Bangladesh relations? What could be the possible solutions? @Mrunal sir, could you elaborate on the current terms of the water-sharing agreement between Bangladesh and India? In 2015, the Indian Prime Minister`s visit to Dhaka gave birth to expectations to advance the problem, but it has still not been resolved. However, in India, some states have considerable influence on cross-border agreements, which hinders the political decision-making process. What goodwill is there between governments? India and Bangladesh? Not much, I guess. Why do I say that? I think India has no interest but to have ties with seven sister states above Bangladesh and keep China out of the country. India is less disruptive to the Bangladeshi people. What does the current government of Bangladesh need from India? Help us stay in power and be ready to give everything India needs. Governments have both India and Bangladesh. If they were honest and sincere governments, they could find a reasonable solution to every problem.

That`s the fact. Otherwise, why did the land border contract last more than 40 years? And what is this limit? And why would there still be Boarder Killings today? In winter, the ice is not melted at the same rate as in summer. . Topics covered: India and its neighbourly relations. Main level: Recent trends in India-Bangladesh ties Hello Sir thank you for explaining very well and clearly the way and your economic concepts are exclusive I learned a lot from reading your posts, but most of your videos in Hindi Medium in Not being able to fully understand Please make videos in English even in demand it will help a lot thank you Sir According to the Asian Foundation report as of 2013, its flood zone covers about 14% of Bangladesh`s total land area and provides about 73% of its population with direct livelihoods. . ^Okay, that`s until 2011. Why is the topic in the news in 2014? What are the irritants in Indo-Bangladeshi relations? How has relations between Bangladesh and China evolved? The dispute over the Teesta River makes headlines whenever there is a bilateral conversation between India and Bangladesh. The dispute concerns the division of the Teesta River with water.

Bangladesh wants a larger proportion than it does today. Currently, its share is lower than that of India. Bangladesh has sought to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of Teesta waters from India, along the model of the 1996 Ganges Water Treaty. BIMSTEC Summit in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. Mohan assured Haseena of the early conclusion of the Teesta agreement….

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