Settlement Agreement Italiano

In accordance with Article 1966(2) of the Italian Civil Code, a transaction is cancelled if: in addition, according to the provisions of Article 2684(4) of the Italian Civil Code, it must be in writing and then entered in the public register in the case of disputes relating to contracts: thus, the comparison may be made with natural persons who have acquired the capacity: And to make legal acts, and by legal persons. 4 (Act of colonization) colonizzazione f., insediamento m. di coloni; (Colony) colonia f., insediamento m.: Greek colonies in Magna Grecia the Greek colony nella Magna Grecia. In accordance with Article 1346 of the CC, the subject of the transaction must be as follows: for example, the settlement of deeds relating to real estate rights must be drawn up in the form of a public deed or a private deed, certified by a notary, to be subsequently registered in the real estate registers. 1 composizione f., sistemazione f., risoluzione f., definizione f.: the settlement of a dispute la composizione di una lite; a colony on strike una risoluzione dello sciopero. 8 (Econ) saldo m., liquidazione f., pagamento m., regolamento m.: Payment of an invoice balance of una fattura. 6 (Act of location) installazione f.: the establishment of a new factory l`installazione di una nuova fabbrica. 2 (Agreement) accordo m., accomodamento m.: to reach agreement on an agreement (with con). In Italy, the settlement agreement (called “transazione”, which can also be translated into “transaction”) is governed by Article 1965 of the Italian Civil Code, it provides that the contracting parties may make reciprocal concessions to put an end to a pending dispute or to avoid a dispute that could arise (first paragraph of Art. 1965 cc, relating to the so-called “pure transaction”).

The power to regulate minors, interdicts, emancipations and persons placed under guardianship is governed by article 320; 375; 394 and 424 of ccm. They are also null and void if transactions concluded as a result of violence and / or intentional misconduct against the other party. In order for a settlement agreement to be effectively respected and effectively respected, the parties must be able to act in such a way that each of the parties has the legal capacity and the capacity to sign an agreement, paragraph 1 of Article 1966 of the Italian Civil Code providing that, in order to establish themselves, the parties must have the possibility: of the legal purpose of the Italian Civil Code. settlement of accounts; the second paragraph states that the transaction is void if these rights are outside the availability of the parties, by virtue of their nature or by virtue of explicit legal provisions. . . .

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