Seiu Collective Agreement Southlake

4 Page 4 of 5 The employee`s hours of continuous service are used to calculate a service date. For the calculation of a service date, 1,500 hours correspond to one year of service for non-unionists. Personal/unpaid sick leave: full-time permanent employees with more than 30 days of unpaid leave do not earn days off during the leave. Unpaid leave under this policy is all leave for which the worker does not receive a salary from Southlake (including periods of absence after short-term disability payments have expired or absences due to long-term disability). Leave is not paid after short-term disability benefits have expired and cannot be used to “stick” sickness benefits. Maternity/parent/adoption leave: Full-time permanent employees on maternity, parental or adoption leave will accumulate days off during the leave period. After returning to work after the leave, the employee will work with his or her direct supervisor to establish a vacation plan to take advantage of the excess vacation time. Modified Work Program Full-time permanent workers in an approved modified work program accumulate leave on a proportional basis based on the number of hours provided after short-term disability payments expire. Termination End Full-time permanent workers are paid for their vacation pay. Special Considerations: Application This directive applies to all staff at the Southlake Regional Health Centre. When workers are subject to collective agreements, they are subject to the conditions set out in these collective agreements.

This directive will come into full force on 1 June, continuity of remuneration should not take advantage of the unearned leave period and must contact their direct supervisor and the payslip in order to make appropriate arrangements to ensure continuity of remuneration; Agreements may include the use of time benches available from Statutory Holidays or Lieu Time. If, prior to the absence of the employee or direct supervision, no provision has been made to benefit from public holidays, place-time or unpaid leave, the payslip will use the time allotted by the bank banks for paid leave in the following order: 1.

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