Cessation Agreement

(d) to monitor, in ports and airfields and at all borders of Vietnam, the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities governing the introduction into the country of armed forces, military personnel and weapons, ammunition and war material of all kinds. The Joint Commission shall set up joint groups, the number of which shall be determined by mutual agreement between the Parties. The joint groups shall consist of an equal number of officials from both parties. Their position on the dividing line between the regroupment areas shall be determined by the Parties, taking into account the powers of the Joint Commission. An international commission is established to monitor and control the application of the provisions of the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities in Vietnam. It is composed of representatives from the following countries: Canada, India and Poland. All operations and movements related to the cessation of hostilities and the meeting must take place in a safe and orderly manner: the Joint Commission shall ensure the implementation of the following provisions of the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities: in accordance with the principle of a simultaneous ceasefire throughout Indochina, the cessation of hostilities shall be conducted simultaneously in all parts of Vietnam; in all areas of hostilities and for all forces on both sides. The International Commission is responsible for monitoring the proper application of the provisions of the Agreement by the Parties. The areas of action of the mobile teams are the regions bordering the land and sea borders of Vietnam, the demarcation lines between the regroupment zones and the demilitarized zones.

Within the limits of these areas, they have the right to freedom of movement and receive from the local civil and military authorities all the facilities necessary for the performance of their tasks (provision of personnel, provision of documents necessary for surveillance, summoning of witnesses necessary for the conduct of investigations, guarantee of the security and freedom of movement of inspection teams; etc…. They must have the modern means of transport, observation and communication they need.. . .

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