Asye Learning Agreement Example

This role obviously belongs to the NQSW supervisor, who is best placed to evaluate his practice. It is up to the evaluator to finalize the learning agreement, the six-month review, the twelve-month review and the final evaluation report. They should also complement at least one of the two necessary direct observations. The supervisor should decide whether the NQSW should be associated with a mentor. The mentor should be a high-level social worker on the same team as the NQSW. The mentor can follow up directly and contribute to the final evaluation report. A mentor could be offered if the NQSW had no legal place or had little legal experience. The ASYE is an overall assessment that must be carried out both over time and beyond the declaration of knowledge and skills. At the end of the year, the focus should be on whether, from the expert`s technical point of view, the NQSW has reached the required ASYE level. At the end of the ASYE, the assessor issues a professional recommendation on the final assessment decision, which will then be verified through an internal moderation process. The newly qualified social worker (6th) is then becoming a position in social work (7th). In Manchester, we offer NQSWs a first year of protected employment, with increased supervision and support, reduced fall load and access to monthly training and group control, as well as a formal initiation process.

As well as a maximum of five days off. Each location has a social work counsellor who provides advice, support and guidance to help social workers in their roles. ASYE aims to help NQSWs develop their skills, knowledge and competencies and build their professional confidence. It provides regular and targeted support during the first year of employment. This will help build trust and ensure that the NQSW has the time and opportunity to reflect on their practice and personal development. Frontline Social Workers receive the same ASYE offer from Manchester City Council, but they are not expected to take on the academic functions within the portfolio. Instead, they must perform two reflective pieces and critical career thinking. This is because Frontline practitioners complete a master`s thesis during the first year of practice.

An Assessed and Supported Employment Year (ASYE) for newly qualified social workers was one of the 15 recommendations of the Social Work Task Force in its 2009 report “Building a safe, confident future”. The Social Work Reform Board has agreed that ASYE will replace previous agreements for NQSWs from September 2012. Since then, the Knowledge and Skills Statement (Child and Family Social Work, 2014) has been developed to convey the criteria for evaluating newly qualified social workers. . . .

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