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Collective agreements apply to all CFIA employees represented by a negotiator. The Public Utilities Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has urged the Board of Directors to sign our new collective agreement for the Border Services (FB) group this month. Since this morning, the Treasury Board has confirmed that the signing date will be July 3, 2018. Once the collective agreement is signed, all provisions will be […] The following collective agreements are no longer in force. They have been archived and remain online for reference purposes only. To view an archived agreement, select one of the following fields, and then click the link with the expiration date of the requested agreement. To view the current (current) collective agreements, please consult our collective agreements section. Can`t find the archived collective agreement you`re looking for? Look for older versions of archived collective agreements. The archived collective agreements are listed below, in alphabetical order, according to the occupational code.

A collective agreement is a document signed between the employer and a negotiator that contains provisions that respect the terms and conditions of employment and related matters. The agreement indicates your rights in the form of salaries and benefits for the performance of the tasks entrusted to you. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, search or registration purposes. It is not subject to Canadian government web standards and has not been modified or updated since it was archived. Please contact us to request a different format from the available format. . Utility Alliance of Canada rate unit, including: Full Collective Agreement – Expires March 31, 2016 Please continue to monitor for updates to . The information on this website relates to public service employees for whom the Board of Directors is the employer. Some members of the PA group may receive an additional payment in full; others may receive it in multiple payments over multiple payment periods, as some transactions must be processed manually. While changes are being made to the Phoenix and HR systems, adjustments will not occur immediately when employees are paid.

As employees are paid a posteriori, they will see new rates from the pay day of August 23. .

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