Vivi & Alejandro

Vivi & Alejandro’s wedding was one of those classic weddings that had everything needed for a fairy tale; the bride and groom with a strong love for life & each other, family & friends cheering them on, the large country hacienda and perfect weather.

Rancho Las Sabinas, a gorgeous hacienda in the country side just outside of San Miguel, is decorated with large pepper trees & old growth cactus.

The sky was that deep deep blue that you find only and so often in San Miguel. Alejandro was sitting pool side enjoying the sun when we showed up to start shooting. After a few quick cheers with his father & uncles, he jumped into the pool fully clothed & proceeded to swim laps! Vivi was with her mother putting the finishing touches on her makeup, looking stunning in her dress. They were a very enthusiastic young couple on their wedding day, and I had a great time photographing them & their families on the lush grounds of the hacienda. They danced & dipped through the country side before we sped off to the San Francisco Church for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, it was back to the hacienda for some cocktails & dinner. Lit up at night, the hacienda was glowing & the place was buzzing with excitement. As the plates were cleared people started moving & somebody turned up the music real loud & the place started moving.

These Nortenos from Monterrey knew how to have a good time, & made sure everybody involved had a good time as well. My camera got hot because I was dancing & shooting so much! Luckily, no one ended up in the pool again, or at least not by the time I left at midnight… What a party! This was definitely one for the books, & I am so glad I could be a part of it! Thank you guys!