Vivi & Alejandro

Vivi & Alejandro’s wedding was one of those classic weddings that had everything needed for a fairy tale; the bride and groom with a strong love for life & each other, family & friends cheering them on, the large country hacienda and perfect weather.

Rancho Las Sabinas, a gorgeous hacienda in the country side just outside of San Miguel, is decorated with large pepper trees & old growth cactus.

The sky was that deep deep blue that you find only and so often in San Miguel. Alejandro was sitting pool side enjoying the sun when we showed up to start shooting. After a few quick cheers with his father & uncles, he jumped into the pool fully clothed & proceeded to swim laps! Vivi was with her mother putting the finishing touches on her makeup, looking stunning in her dress. They were a very enthusiastic young couple on their wedding day, and I had a great time photographing them & their families on the lush grounds of the hacienda. They danced & dipped through the country side before we sped off to the San Francisco Church for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, it was back to the hacienda for some cocktails & dinner. Lit up at night, the hacienda was glowing & the place was buzzing with excitement. As the plates were cleared people started moving & somebody turned up the music real loud & the place started moving.

These Nortenos from Monterrey knew how to have a good time, & made sure everybody involved had a good time as well. My camera got hot because I was dancing & shooting so much! Luckily, no one ended up in the pool again, or at least not by the time I left at midnight… What a party! This was definitely one for the books, & I am so glad I could be a part of it! Thank you guys!

Uchechi & Peter

I knew right after meeting Peter & Uchechi at their home here in San Miguel that I wanted to work with them. I could see how much in love they were as we were planning the portrait session, in Peter’s warm smile & Uchechi’s heartfelt laugh & eyes. I could also tell that they were a very fun & outgoing couple, and knew that they would enjoy a photo shoot that showed that adventurous side. Uchechi was looking beautiful & so happy as we jumped into the candy apple red jeep that Peter was driving and started to make our way down town for their bridal portraits. First stop, the local cantina for a few shots against it’s swinging doors. From here we went to the Casa de la Cultura, one of my favorite places in San Miguel. With it’s colonial arches, fountains, colorful walls & huge trees, it’s a great place to photograph.

Working with a couple like this really does make my job easy. I just get them to start talking & laughing with each other while I shoot away. Their love & feelings for each other come through in every shot. Running down the streets of San Miguel, we kept on laughing all the way to the ceremony, where the laughter & dancing just kept on going. People at Nigerian wedding’s don’t wait for the dance to start dancing, they start as they walk down the isle!. And as this was a wedding incorporating Nigerian traditions, one by one friends & family danced down the isle, through the lush gardens at Casa de la Noche.

And everyone was all smiles as the ceremony began. Uchechi & Peter’s vows were so moving, and the sincerity & joy that they felt spread through the crowd. Drawing on her amazing talent for the written word, Uchechi wrote a beautiful poem for Peter that left most of the audience in tears, me included.

After the ceremony, the horns & guitars from the mariachi band got everyone up & out the door, heading to the reception a few blocks away. And since this was a PENZI wedding with a fun couple, you know there would be a parade that included a donkey & huge puppets & a few bottles of tequila & lots of dance moves.

It seemed most of San Miguel stopped to watch as we paraded through centro, while we only stopped for a quick elote, or corn on the cob that I thought would make for a funny shot!

We made it to the reception, a beautiful courtyard in an old hacienda, filled with twinkling lights & laughter. A host of San Miguel’s finest & many others sat down for a very cozy dinner, after which the Cuban band started their Salsa & the dancing started all over again. Peter & Uchechi were all smiles when Paul & I finally left close to midnight, & we were all smiles as well. Thank you guys for letting me be a part of such an incredible wedding!

Emily & Tres

What more can I say about this wedding other than it was the quintessential romantic San Miguel Wedding? Emily and Tres were so happy to be getting married and be surrounded by all their friends and family. With the ceremony and reception inside the intimate gardens of Casa Hyder, a parade through downtown to start the festivities off, I knew this was going to be a wedding to remember. Thank you for letting me be a part of it guys!

Tamara & Fernando

I arrived at the Hotel Nena in San Miguel to photograph Fernando & Tamara, a lovely couple that were originally from Chihuahua, but living in D.F.

First off, I really enjoy working at Hotel Nena. The venue’s clean lines & large spaces, while still maintaining the classic hacienda foot print right in downtown San Miguel, allow for a gorgeous backdrop. And with my photos from a previous project, Pre-Post Mortem Portraits, hanging all over the hotel, it was hard not to like the place.

So I show up with Paul, my second photographer & light technician & we immediately begin photographing the dress hanging in these cool modern rooms. Tamara comes out a few minutes later, radiating as she gets ready to get into her dress surrounded by all of her laughing bridesmaids.

From the hotel, we took a walk through the Parque Juarez, stopping by the numerous fountains & under the big shade trees to take some pictures. Fernando is all smiles as he dances & dips his bride to be while I click & click away.

After the park, we started the ceremony at the San Francisco church, which is one of the early churches built in San Miguel. With its high ceilings & sunlight streaming in, lighting up its statues & ancient walls, it’s also one of the most stunning churches in this town.

As the ceremony finishes, the Mariachis start, with their horns and guitars laying the soundtrack for the parade through downtown. Everywhere people stop to stare & take pictures & wish the bride & groom good luck. And the procession stretches on & on for several blocks as we start the walk to the Instituto Allende. Photogenically speaking, it really doesn’t get better than this: Setting sun, couple in love, tequila donkey with Mariachis, giant puppets & hundreds of guests dancing down the cobblestone streets of this colorful town! I am so blessed to be able to work here!

So thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding Fernando & Tamara! I wish you the best!